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The mission of COSMOS International School is to raise free people who will create their own present and future with courage, imagination and creativity. The world to the COSMOS children is an invitation to learn and discover. Children in COSMOS International School are from different nationalities and they grow to be open and tolerant to race, religious and health background.


COSMOS International School`s aim is to introduce children to multilingual environment. We – both teachers and parents, help the children to become self-confident, successful and most of all life-long learning individuals. We let our children keep in touch with nature and grow up to be empathetic, fearless and curious. We develop art, craft and gardening skills that will cultivate basic qualities such as patience, humility, dedication. We prepare them emotionally, academically and practically for the future world.

Faculty and Staff

We learn and grow together with children. We learn from children, as we walk into their world, listen to and understand them.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, we encourage you to share your CV with us at If your qualifications and experience match a future opening, we’ll be sure to get in touch with you!

Creative Director

Tatiana Zaharieva

  • Education: Master of International Economic Relations, UNWE
  • Additional interests: skiing, surfing, swimming, reading
  • Mother tongue: Bulgarian
  • Foreign languages: German, English, Russian
  • Experience in work with kids: 20+ years
Financial Director

Elena Kaneva

Education:  Bachelor of Banking, Stock Exchange and Brokerage, UNWE.
Volleyball coach and physical education teacher, NSA
Additional interests: Sport
Mother tongue: Bulgarian
Foreign languages: English
She has participated in several startups


Marieta Vincent

Education: Bachelor`s Degree in Economics
Additional qualifications: Graphic design
Additional interests: Aromatherapy, Yoga, Gardening, Healthy lifestyle
Mother tongue: Bulgarian
Foreign languages: English
Working in Cosmos Educational Centre and Cosmos Kids since 2004

Academic Director Bulgarian National Curriculum

Kalina Borisova

Education: Bulgarian philology in Sofia University
Mother tongue: Bulgarian;
Foreign languages: English
Working in Cosmos Educational Centre and Cosmos Kids since 1997

Academic Director Cambridge Curriculum

Zsuzsanna Eren

Education: BA from Janos Kodolany University of Applied Sciences – Major: Communication and Media Sciences;
Additional qualifications: Pedagogy, TEFL – Teaching English as a Second Language Certification with distinction. Qualified IGCSE English as a Second Language teacher and examiner.
Mother tongue: Hungarian
Foreign languages: English, Turkish, Bulgarian
Working in Cosmos Kids since 2012

Music Teacher

Irenia Vasquez

Cambridge Primary Music
Education: National Music School Havana, Cuba – piano and bassoon
Mother tongue: Spanish
Foreign languages: English; basic Portuguese
Working in Cosmos Kids since 2012 

Science Teacher

Yavor Denchev

Education: MA and BA in Microbiology, University of Victoria, Canada
Experience: Yavor Denchev is a familiar face to many, thanks to his engaging presence on the television screen. Best known for his popular morning show “Science with Yavor Denchev,”. However, his passion for science extends beyond his TV appearances. With a background as a science teacher in various private schools, Yavor has dedicated himself to nurturing young minds. Yavor firmly believes that learning should be enjoyable and strives to create an environment where kids can have fun while discovering the wonders of science.
Experience in work with kids: 10 years

Teacher of History, Geography, English

Gloria Backardjieva

Education: MA in Classical Philology, English Philology, Bulgarian Philology at St. Climent Ochridsky University of Sofia since 1990
Additional qualifications: PhD in Pedagogy of Teaching Foreign Languages at St. Climent Ohridsky University of Sofia since 2020
Additional interests: Foreign Languages, Literature, Astronomy and Physics, History of Art, Ancient History and Archaeology
Mother tongue:

Foreign languages: English, French, Russian
Experience in work with kids: Teaching English to pre-school and school children since 1991
Working in Cosmos Educational Centre and Cosmos Kids since 2002

Gardening and Natural Studies Teacher

Mihaela Taneva

Education: Ph.D of
cinematography; specialization in Feature directing.
Additional qualifications: Chairman of the Povey Foundation & Organizer of the annual Alter Agro festival.
Additional interests: organic farming, sustainable alternative practices in education, healthcare and agriculture
Mother tongue: Bulgarian
Foreign languages: English

Teacher of Sports, Yoga and outdoor activities

Gergana Dimitrova

Education: Bachelor of Physical education teacher and Athletics coach, NSA;
Masters of Marketing, UNWE;         
Masters of Sports psychology, NSA – currently studying
Mother tongue: Bulgarian
Foreign languages: Spanish, English
Additional interests: yoga, tourism, animals, Astrology      
Experience in work with kids: 8 years

Bulgarian Teacher

Maria Markova

Education: Master’s Degree in Literature Science and Bulgarian Philology and Masters Degree in International Relations and Affairs
Additional Qualifications: Pedagogy; Bulgarian language instructor for foreigners
using the Berlitz Method®
Mother tongue: Bulgarian
Foreign language: English, Russian

Math & IT Teacher

Raycho Nikolov

Education: BA in Applied Mathematics, Technical University, Sofia
Experience: Raycho has been working as a Mathematic and IT
teacher in various Bulgarian schools for over 10 years. During the pandemic he has adapted a system to teach math using graphics tablet and computer which can be used equally well in online learning environment and in classroom. Moreover you can find his Math tutorial videos on YouTube.
Mother tongue: Bulgarian
Foreign languages: English                Experience in work with kids: 10+ years

English Teacher

Elena Dukova

Education: BA in Russian Philology at St. Climent Ochridsky University of Sofia
Additional Qualifications: TEFL
Experience: Elena spent most of her childhood in the USA before returning to Bulgaria for her studies. Following her university education, she embarked on a career as a translator and substitute teacher. However, driven by her desire to face new challenges, Elena decided to delve deeper into English teaching and has since devoted herself to working with primary students. Her passion and commitment make her a valuable asset in the classroom, where she continues to make a positive impact on young learners’ lives.
Experience in work with kids: 5 years

Kindergarten & Math Teacher

Raul Bumb

Education: Bachelor degree from the Faculty of Economics and Business
Administration, Romania.
Master’s degree, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
Additional qualifications:
Cambridge Advance (CAE) Qualification, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign
Language) certificate, Jolly Phonics Qualifications,
Experience in work with kids: Raul explored the beauty of teaching children while
he was a camp counselor at YMCA, Canada. Then for years he travelled through
North and South America where he visited numerous schools and he learned about
different pedagogical methods.
Mother tongue: Romanian
Foreign languages: English, Spanish, Hungarian


The school was reborn after a large-scale project between the private kindergarten Cosmos Kids, the residents of the village of Osoitsa, Gorna Malina municipality and the investor, Ivan Nikolchev. Cosmos International School continues the vision of learning and development that was set by Cosmos Kids English Nursery and Kindergarten. We have been nurturing the imagination and desire to learn in over 400 children for more than 14 years, helping them shape their present and future.


The people of “Osoitsa” village originate from the Pirin region. They relocate as a result of the horrific Turkish massacres during the Kresna-Razlog uprising in 1877-1878, and the Illinden revolt during 1903. Each family had between five and eight children and as classrooms were used spaces in some of the wealthy houses. The first teachers were from among the newly arrived populations from the Macedonian region: Razlogov, Bukarov, Grancharov. In 1926 the mayor, Dimitar Komitov, took credit from the National Bank of Bulgaria, that was worth 1200000 leva against the local forest – 36000 decars.

An Italian architect made the project of the school and the very first builders were also Italian. The local people helped as volunteers. The school was built in 4 years and it was ready in 1930; the walls are 70 cm thick – the outside is local stone, while the inside is made of brick. Around ten Bulgarian woodcutters were also involved. Two towers, a big and a small one, are also part of the school; time is measured by the big one, where a clock mechanism was built in – the bell struck in every half an hour.

In 1930 the school “Assen Zlatarov” was open. On the first floor were located the classrooms of the students from the 1st to the 4th grade, the theatre and the library. On the second floor were located the classrooms of the students from the 5th to the 7th grade; the classrooms facing south are equipped as Physics, Chemistry and Biology cabinets – classes were approximately 30 to 35 students, where the children came not only from the village of “Osoitsa”, but also from the neighboring village of “Sarantsi.”

In 1955-1957 the school was declared by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education to be the best school in the country as far as school process, material base and discipline go. Never to be forgotten are the exceptional teachers Ivan Solarski, Gesho Terziiski (math), Ilia Stoitsev (biology), the painter Bozhanchev (fine arts and music) whose hobby was fixing watches, the school principle Nicola Illiev, the school principle Georgi Haralampiev who in 1975 built the school fence and the water fountain in the yard of the school.

Next to the school building, there was another building that was used as a kitchen and cafeteria, and also as a kindergarten. The school stayed open until 1989, when it was finally closed because of lack of students.

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