Cosmos International School

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Monday – Friday 08:00 – 18:00

Osoitsa, Cosmos Intl. School




The mission of Cosmos international School is to raise and develop free people, who courageously with imagination and creativity will create their own present and future.
The world to the COSMOS children is an invitation to learn and discover. Children in COSMOS International School are from different nationalities and they grow to be open and tolerant to race, religious and health background.


COSMOS International School`s aim is to introduce children to multilingual environment.

We – both teachers and parents, help the children to become self-confident, successful and most of all life-long learning individuals.

We let our children keep in touch with nature and grow up to be empathetic, fearless and curious.

We develop art, craft and gardening skills that will cultivate basic qualities such as patience, humility, dedication.

We prepare them emotionally, academically and practically for the future world.


The school was reborn after a large-scale project between the private kindergarten Cosmos Kids, the residents of the village of Osoitsa, Gorna Malina municipality, and the donor Ivan Nikolchev. Cosmos International School continues the vision set in the learning and development of Cosmos Kids. We have been around for more than 14 years and we have kept the imagination and desire to learn of over 400 children who continue to create their present and future.

Faculty and Staff



We learn and grow together with children. We learn from children, as we walk into their world, listen to and understand them.

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